Rules and Info

Please follow these rules when submitting your products for the weekly spotlight. Submissions can be made Here Just look for my post. It will be titled Spotlight Winner and New Theme along with the date.

1. Make sure to add a clickable link to your post, whether it be an image link or a word link. As long as I can click and go to your product.

2. An image is not required to be posted on the forum but you are welcome to add one.

3. There is no limit as to how many products you can submit. Submit 1 or 50. Only one product will be choosen. If you have more than one store you are welcome to submit a product or products from each store. One from each store will be choosen.

4. If you are choosen as the winner and are featured on my blog it will not be featured on that weeks squidoo lens.

5. I will try to spread out the winners the best I can.

6. If your submission does not fit the current weeks theme, I will let you know in the forum thread for that theme. You are then welcome to resubmit a different product that better suits the theme.

7. If you have a product that you've used for a theme and want to use it for a newer theme, go right ahead.

8. You may only win once per month. This does NOT mean that you cant submit for more than one theme in a month. This only means you will only have your product featured on my blog once a month. The rest of the month you will get featured on my squidoo lens.
Your Choice Rules (only valid when your choice is the weeks theme)

1. Please follow all these rules or you will get disqualified for that weeks theme.

2. You can submit any product you'd like. No specific theme. Submit your favorite, your bestseller or a product that just needs more promotion.

3. You MAY sumbit only ONE product for the week. If you submit more than one, you will be disqualified.

4. If you get disqualified, you will not be able to win the blog spot or be featured on that weeks squidoo lens.

5. If you are disqualified for a your choice week, dont worry, Its only for that week. You can participate in the following weeks theme and any upcoming your choice themes.

6. Please make sure to follow the main rules from above for posting your sumbission. Make sure to include some sort of a clickable link so that I dont have to search for your store and match a product up to an image.

If I think of others I will add them here or if you have anything that you think should be added, please let me know.