Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spotlight Winner--Your Choice

This was a new theme that I wanted to try out. I'm assuming that you've all liked it by the ammount of submissions I got. So I will keep this theme and do it about once every two months or so. This weeks spotlight winner is ImagineThatDesign with Lion King and Cubs Greeting Card. This product is available to purchase by clicking on the image below. Also be sure to check out other product from them at their store.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Spotlight Feature--Bebops

I think Bebops is an amazing person. She is a great artist and a wonderful friend. Always helpful and willing to help you to understand something your not sure of. She is going to be my spotlight feature. I recently asked her some questions and she was nice enough to answer. Here is her interview.

How long have you been on zazzle?

One year and 3 months

What got you interested in designing on zazzle?

I have belonged to a photography website called Daily Pics since 2008. Several of the photographers on it are also on Zazzle. I was intrigued by their discussions about it and the products they were designing.

My inspiration is?

The wild natural world.

What is your favorite product to design?

That's hard to say. I enjoy creating so many of the products. I have a lot of fun with mugs, bags, binders and cards.

Do you have one specific product in your store that you just absolutely love?

Another hard one.
This is my current favorite. It is a portion of an old cabinet in my house. It was a challenge to photograph it and then make it fit the binder and I was very pleased with the result.

Wooden Carving binder
Wooden Carving by Bebops
binders made on

This is another one I love, maybe because I was making a great soup and was taken with the beauty of the ingredients. It is my best selling product:

What design tool do you prefer for designing.

My only tool is Photoshop Elements.

Do you have any advice for fellow zazzlers.

The usual stuff:
-Make sure the design size fits the product and looks good on that particular product. Don't just slap a design on everything.
-Take time with descriptions and tags. It is not as much fun as designing and is easy to overlook but it is the way to get noticed.
-Promote in any way that is comfortable to you. I have done a few lenses and blogs and I Twitter some, but I think most of my sales that have been referrals have come because I faithfully monitor the Zazzle Forum "Ideas and sites used to promote your store" and offer my store or products whenever appropriate.

Something you've learned that you wish you knew sooner?

Two things I wish I had known sooner:
-Whenever using text, make it a template. In the case of invitations and business cards, label the templates and make them as easy as possible for the customer to use.
-Use the edit tool when creating products to copy and paste.

Your favorite thing about zazzle is?

The joy of using my original photographs and designs to create products that I love and that people want to own. Selling to someone half way around the world is a special thrill.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekly Spotlight Winner--Skies

This weeks spotlight winner is MheaGifts with Sun and waves personalized name coaster. This product is available for purchase by clicking the image below. Also be sure to check out their store for other products from them.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Zazzle Spotlight Winner--Pink

This weeks spotlight winner for the pink theme is rdwnggrl with Pink Flamingo Poster. This product is available to purchase by clicking on the image below. Be sure to check out their store for more products.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Zazzle Spotlight Winner--TBA Winners

This weeks theme was very hard for me to choose the winner. The winner for this week is OctopusLove with Jobot the Robot with a flower Fridge Magnet. Be sure to check out their store for more products from them. This product is available for purchase by clicking the product image below.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Zazzle Spotlight Winner--Patterns

This weeks winner for the pattern theme is Bebops with Rectangle Abstract Iphone 4 Skin. This cheerful iPhone case displays a colorful abstract pattern of crisscross lines in red, orange, green, yellow, blue and black on a white background surrounded by black. This product is available to purchase by clicking the image link below.

I would love to know how you created this pattern. Lol. Congratulations.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Zazzle Spotlight Winner(s)--Friends

I choose to have to winners this week in honor of my twins' 5th birthday. Since there are two of them I chose 2 winners. Winner number one is greendeer with summit refrigerator magnets. You can visit there store to see more items from them.

summit magnet
summit by greendeer
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My second winner is StriveDesigns with Itty Bitty Ladybug Best Friends Necklace. Visit their store for more products from them.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Zazzler Spotlight 3--Birthdays

This weeks zazzler spotlight winner is OrchardGreetings. Check out their Happy Birthday Cupcake 5-yellow Personalized Invitations available for purchase through clicking on the product image below. You can find more products from them by visiting their store.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Zazzler Spotlight #3--I phones

This weeks zazzler spotlight winner is hutsul. Check out their New york water tower iphone 3 skin available for purchase through clicking on the product image below. You can find more products from them by visiting their store.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Zazzler Spotlight #2--Easter

This weeks zazzler spotlight winner is romanceworks. Check out their Strange Bunnies Easter Mousepad available for purchase through clicking on the product image below. You can find more products from them by visiting their store.

Strange Bunnies is from the 'Holiday' series of original art by Carol Cavalaris. This mousepad makes a unique Easter gift, or a fun way to decorate your house for this special holiday.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Still Doing Weekly Spotlights

I am still going to be doing a weekly spotlight for other zazzlers so check the zazzle forums and get your submissions in for this weeks theme which is Easter. I will also still be featuring all the people who submitted a product that dont make it to my blog on a squidoo lens. Again dont forget to get your submissions in.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A little bad news

Ok so I guess I didnt realize exactly how much time this would consume to try and make something everyday especially right now. I choose the wrong time to get this started. lol. If you read my profile you know that I have twin girls. Well they are in preschool right now and I've been really busy getting them registered and everything ready for them to start kindergarten in the fall. Plus i've got so much other stuff going on. So this may already be the end to the 365 but I am still going to do the promotion for other zazzlers every friday so dont worry about that. For now I'm going to keep the winners on this blog but eventually I may make a different one to better suit the zazzler promotion. I'm going to be working a lot on my store and getting new products out as much as I can but right now is not the time to be doing an everyday thing with daily updates with a new product each time. I'm kinda disappointed in my self but I may start this back up once everything else is taken care of.

Please make sure to enter your submissions for my friday promotions on the zazzle forums. Thank you.

Oh and I'm also going to be update my other blog with my new products and just leave this one for my friday spotlights so go and follow that one please. The link is to the right of this post.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day three--Weddings

For todays theme I choose to do weddings. I only created 2 products, each with there own design. After I created them I decided to use the design for a new product line that will be coming out soon. So I've made 2 different save the date postage stamps and I absolutely love them and I hope everyone else does to. Here they are.

Note: As of this post they have not been published yet, I am getting them from my private products. I forgot when these were the only two I made that you have to wait for postage to be approved. Sorry about that.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day Two--LOVE

For my theme today I choose to do LOVE. Todays design is a little simple because I had a lot going on today but didnt want to miss a day already. My design features a rainbow, yes that was yesterdays theme, along with hearts instead of clouds with the world love. Again very simple but I Love it and I love the way it looks on this hat. Tomorrows theme is WEDDINGS.

Love rainbow hat hat
Love rainbow hat by Audison06
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Zazzler Spotlight #1

Here is the winner of Audison Designs very first Zazzler Spotlight. Congratulations to Retrofort. Check out their Super Fun 80's Skateboard available for purchase through clicking on it below. You can also find more amazing products from Retrofort's by going to their shop at

Super Fun 80's! skateboard
Super Fun 80's! by Retrofort
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Day One--Rainbows

So we start day one of 365. My first catagory I choose was Rainbows. I created a few different rainbow designs and here is my favorite. Tomorrows theme is LOVE

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Final Countdown

Today is the final countdown before this starts. I have most of my designs ready to upload for day one of this project. I'm really looking forward to getting this started. I've also got a lot of entries for the weekly zazzler spotlight. Wonderful entries by the way, its going to be hard to choose just one. But dont forgot, even if you dont get choosen to be featured here on my blog, everyone who has submitted a product(s) will get one designed featured in my squidoo lens. I will post the link to that here once I get it up. Hope everyone is enjoying this and will follow this blog to see all the awesome designs to come from not only me but fellow zazzlers. Only a few more hours before I start going through the other zazzlers submissions to decide who wins. Look for the post on the winner here sometime tomorrow. Be sure to watch the zazzle forums under the promote section for this coming weeks catagory to submit your designs. I also may have plans to start doing a monthly blog where I feature a few zazzlers and info and products from there store so watch for that.

Monday, March 21, 2011

365 Days of Zazzle Design

My name is Ashley and I am a 24 year old stay at home mom of twin girls. I design on Zazzle and I love doing it. Sometimes I get lazy and unmotivated so i've come up with the idea to do this blog. Some of the inspiration comes from the movie Julie and Julia. Its a very good movie. If you havent seen it I highly recommend watching it. Anyways what I'm going to try to do is come up with at least one design everyday for a year. I will have an ongoing list of things I'd like to create and I will choose one item a day and go to work. I will then post it here. I may even try to get some promotion for other zazzlers.

How this works: I'm going to go on the hunt on the zazzle forums and find someone who has a product that ties in with my item creation of the day every friday. Everyone can get the chance to submit what they think is their best product that fits that fridays catagory. I will then choose one person that I feel best represents the catagory. Dont feel left out though if you dont get picked. I'm planning on doing lenses on Squidoo to help promote those who dont get picked for my blog so everyone wins. LOL. Just trying to do my part to help other people. I'm going to start my hunt as soon as possible but i will not be starting my project until Monday March 28th 2011. I will post my first friday winner on Friday March 25th 2011. Hope everyone enjoys this opportunity.